Suits 101 : How Many Buttons Should my Suit Have?

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2 or 3 buttons


One of the biggest questions we get here at Vinspi is how many buttons a suit should have. Fashion changes constantly and the “right” number of buttons seems to change along with it.

So how do you know if your suit should have 1, 2 or 3 buttons?

In this guide we’ll walk through how each style affects the look, fit and functionality of your suit, and make it easier to pick the one that works best for you.


2 Button Suits

2 Button Suit

How it Looks:

The classic choice for men who appreciate timeless style, the 2 button suit is by far the most popular choice for men. 2 button suits are cut in a way that allows the fabric to drape freely over the body. The result is a distinguished looking suit that endures through the numerous fashion trends and changes. Stylish and very versatile!

Who should wear it:

Everyone should have a 2 button suit. The versatility of the cut and its all round good looks make it a must have staple for every man’s wardrobe.

2 button suits are an especially good choice for shorter men. Unlike 3 button styles, 2 button suits have a top button that sits lower down the man’s chest. This lengthens the lapel and makes the upper body look longer, leading to an increased sense of height.

When to Wear it:

Versatility is this style’s strong point and is a big reason for it’s popularity. The suit looks just as good in a formal environment, or paired with chinos/jeans on the weekend. Feel comfortable to suit up and dress down when you need to.


3 Button Suits

3 button suit

How it Looks:

3 buttons may have been the go to choice in the 60′s, but recently the style’s popularity has steadily waned. Having said that, the style still remains trendy and is a great option if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Because most men opt for a 2 button suit, 3 buttons still resonate old school charm which can work well in the office when you want to make an impression.

Who Should Wear it:

3 button suits are great for tall men because of they usually have a longer upper body.2 button suits can be uncomfortable because the top button sits further down the chest. 3 buttonsuits on the other hand start higher up. This makes the jacket feel more fitted and comfortable.

Shorter men however should stay away from the triple button variety because the high top button does makes the suit lapel look short. The wearer in turn looks constricted and the look only accentuates a lack of height.

When Should You Wear it:

The 3 button suit works well for everyday office wear. Worn around the office it does add something different to the standard 2 button variety. For black tie events, 3 button suits are not as common but still work well.

When wearing a 3 button suit you either button just the middle, or both the top 2 buttons. Those feeling less comfortable in a triple button should just have the middle button done, making the lapel look longer and allowing the fabric to drape more freely over the body. Alternatively button the top 2 to accentuate fit and strength through the chest.


1 Button Suits

1 button suit
How does it Look:

Very suave and seriously stylish. 1 button suits have always been the domain of tuxedos, dinner suits and anything that accentuates slim athletic physiques. Doing up the single button places a slight tug on the fabric which enhances the V shape of the body. For those looking to up the style stakes, the single button is the way to go.

Who Should Wear it:

Slimmer frames with an athletic build work best on this suit because the cut accentuates strength around the shoulder and chest. Men who are usually smaller can appear more buff around the upper body in a single button style.

If you are on the bulkier side, wearing a single button may cause the fabric to flow less freely over your body. Opting for double buttons may suit better, giving you a more balanced look.

When Should You Wear it:

For all its edgy style, the 1 button suit probably doesn’t do that well in corporate environments where professionalism is the priority. Single button suits aren’t the right choice for every occasion but where it does well is on those weekends when you’re dressing to impress.

Wine and cheese parties, martini bars, anything that’s posh is when you should be whipping out the single button suit. While you may wear this suit less, it always helps to have a killer outfit ready whenever you need it.


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