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Luke & Anita’s Wedding

Posted on by ivan


luke cripps Vinspi wedding suit 5


It’s always special when you get to contribute to someone’s big wedding day. Vinspi had that privilege when Luke Cripps asked us to suit him (and his groomsmen) up his for his wedding to the beautiful Anita.

Vinspi sat down with him on a Saturday morning, measured everyone up, looked through fabrics and within 1 hour had everything sorted.

Luke decided on a luxrious black super 160′s wool in a 3 piece suit with ivory coloured egyptian cotton shirts. Take a look at some of the photos from the big day below.

If you’re interested in trying out the Vinspi wedding service feel free to contact us. This is how it works :

- We come to you

- Measure everyone up

- Show you fabrics

- Get everything ready for the big day

- Takes just 1 hour


luke cripps Vinspi wedding suit 7

luke cripps Vinspi wedding suit 4

luke cripps vinspi wedding suit 1

luke cripps vinspi wedding suit 6

Want Vinspi to suit up an upcoming wedding? Contact us and forget about renting suits or trying to buy off the rack.


Top 5 Cocktails to Impress at a Bar

Posted on by tom_glover

As any man knows, impressing your date at the bar is pretty important. Unfortunately most guys have zero clue when it comes to drinks beyond a pint or a vodka soda and lime.

The following drinks list has been put together to help you out and hopefully steer you in the right direction for when choosing your next drink at your local cocktail bar.

The choice of beverage can be a crucial element to a successful date. As cocktail culture continues to rise in popularity, the choice of your drink says a lot about who you are. So to help you aspiring gentleman out, Vinspi has put together a top 5 list of cocktails to order when you need to impress that client or date.


Manhattan - 50ml rye, 20ml Sweet vermouth, Dash Angostura bitters, Maraschino cherry (Garnish)

 Manhattan - One of the most well known cocktails is the Manhattan, which originates from the ‘Manhattan Club’ in New York in the early 1870’s. The Manhattan is made with rye whiskey (which is a sweeter variation of bourbon), Angostura Bitters, Sweet vermouth and is topped off with a maraschino cherry for garnish. The Manhattan is prepared in a chilled glass and served without ice. The Manhattan gives off the impression that your a man of pure class who should never be questioned… just admired.

Tasting notes – gentleman’s cocktail, full bodied bourbon cocktail, sweetness taste from vermouth and added spice from bitters

Whiskey Old-Fashioned

Whiskey Old-Fashioned - 40 ml. Rye whiskey 1 sugar cube 2 dashes Angostura bitters 1 splash water

Whisky Old Fashion The original ‘Old Fashion’ recipe is built with a bourbon base, however through later development in the cocktail, it was established that whisky was the preferred ingredient. The ‘Old Fashion’ consists of Whisky, sugar cubes, Angostura bitters and is garnished with an orange or lemon peal. This particular cocktail is impressive through the way that it is built due to the bartender slowly dissolving sugar cubes whilst adding in the required booze. Having one of these positioned next to you at the bar really radiates the classic Don Draper persona. You’re someone who knows what they want and and how they are going to get it.

 Tasting notes – smooth & sweet with a hint of orange

Gin Martin (Dry) - 55 ml gin, 15 ml dry vermouth

Gin Martini- The Gin Martini is possibly the most well known cocktail to date. A Gin Martini consists of Gin, Vermouth and a squire of olive or lemon garnish. There are a vast number of different variations for this particular beverage however the dry martini is considered to be the most popular by choice. The Gin Martini is considered to be a very temperamental cocktail as a slight miss calculation in booze by the bartender can separate the difference in success of failure. A cocktail such as this initiates the feeling that you are at some swanky function where you might casually bump into the president.

Tasting Notes Acknowledges full boldness of the gin that is used.

The Boulevardier - 45ml rye, 30ml sweet vermouth, 30ml campari

The Boulevardier - The Boulevardier first appeared in Harry’s ABC’s of cocktails back in 1922, a book compiled by the head bartender at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. The Boulevardier is an interesting, yet well perfected cocktail that combines Rye Whisky, Campari & Dry Vermouth to compliment a balanced cocktail. This cocktail is prepared by all of the ingredients being poured into a Boston glass with ice, which is then stirred & strained into a martini glass and topped with a lemon peel garnish. The Boulevardier cocktail is not for everyone, but if you’re someone who enjoys Campari and Whisky then this is the perfect drink for you.

Tasting Notes – Bitter sipping style cocktail with a grainy spice from the rye

Southside - 50ml gin, 10ml simple syrup, 20ml lemon juice, mint

SouthsideIf it comes down to you ordering someone of the female gender a drink, i suggest a ‘South Side’. This is a gin-based cocktail combined with mint, simple syrup, and egg white and lemon juice. This is a classic vibrant cocktail that can shows the ladies that you have style and know your stuff. Having the Southside demonstrates a flair for cocktails,  without settling for something cheesy like a Cosmopolitan.

Tasting notes – Crisp and refreshing


So there you are gentleman a top 5 list for impressing at the bar.

So what’s your favorite cocktail? Share your top drinks below. 



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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Style Icon

Posted on by tom_glover

Remember that geeky kid from 3rd rock from the sun? Well if you’ve seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently, you probably agree he’s grown up just a little.


He’s a great example that it’s never to late to clean up your act and revamp your wardrobe.


If a geeky child star can transition to awesome Hollywood hunk, anyone could do it. Here are some of our insights:


A staple look for joseph that he has mastered so well is his ability to mix and match various patterns and colors. In doing this he is able to create a look, which is usually considered complex, yet he manages to transform it into a simple compelling and handsome look. As seen in the images here he’s rocking a  grey pattern suit with which places emphasis on the sky blue shirt underneath.


This all relates back to his attention to detail, everything flows. When considering the following items sunglasses, shoes, shirts etc think about how each item will complement each other not just how good one particular item might be by itself.


Whether dressing up for a red carpet event or a day hitting the streets, Joseph Gordon-Levitt completes his look with the skinny tie. Some people feel that the ‘skinny tie era’ is over, however Joseph shows you that its not and that combination of a short collar and a skinny tie is a look that you should be trying to perfect yourself. As shown by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he’s not afraid to perfect the skinny tie whether it be casual or formal.



You might have perfected the right outfit, but sure if you want to be like joseph Gordon-Levitt, you have to make sure you spend your time and money into grooming. One thing that is definitely notable about Joseph Gordon-Levitt is his hair. Don’t be afraid to try something a bit different you never know it might be a bit better suited to the look your trying to perfect.



Whats your guys thoughts on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s style?

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What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Posted on by ivan



Winter is officially here and all of us would rather be anywhere but outside. So what do you do when you receive an invitation for a winter wedding? If you still want to look sleek without freezing then some additions to your wardrobe might be in order.

Thankfully it isn’t too hard to look sharp and still stay warm when deciding what to wear to a winter wedding. In fact it could all be as simple as including a few stylish yet underused wardrobe addition.

Here are our top 4 things to wear to a winter wedding.



Largely forgotten and ignored by most men these days, a wedding really is the perfect reason to whip out the waistcoat. Not only a suave accessory, but it also adds extra layers to your suit. After all, it is the extra details like a waistcoat that really make your wardrobe stand out.

Usually you go for waistcoats in the same colour as your suit but if you’re feeling creative try colour combinations like a charcoal waistcoat witha  black suit, or grey with a brown suit. Be creative but stick with basic colour combinations when it comes to weddings. You don’t want to take attention away from the bride.


Hats and Fedoras


“What a hat?”, you say. Yes before you dismiss it as an archaic style piece that isn’t making a comeback take a look at Just Law and the Royal brothers rocking the look.

Hats are a surefire way to look suave at a wedding, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your wardrobe. Don’t wear it too often but pull it out when you’re planning on looking a little more dapper.

A top hat is great for more formal weddings, while less formal outfits work well with bowler or derby hats. Just remember to keep the colours basic and not madd hatter loud!



So overcoats are a little hit and miss for most men. Eventhough overcoats are meant to wrap over your suit outfit, that doesn’t mean they should be loose and baggy. Like a great suit, overcoats need to be well fitted.

Pay attention to the shoulders, chest and stomach areas for a great fit. Nail these down and you’ve got a stylish overcoat.

Is there a preference for single or double breasted overcoats? To be honest the answer is a personal preference thing but double breasted overcoats definitely add something different and are a favourite here at Vinspi HQ.




Like hats, gloves unfortunately have been the forgotten piece in the man’s wardrobe. Most men haven’t worn gloves before and truth be told, they are missing out.

A well cut suit, capped off with black leather gloves resonates European style sensibilities. It’s a well known fact that your extremities like fingers get cold fastest so gloves are an obvious solution.

What do you think of our winter wedding suggestions? How do you add warmth to your suit? Share with us below!
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How to get the right suit, shirt and tie combination

Posted on by ivan


Choosing a tie that matches your suit and shirt has to be one of the trickiest wardrobe choices to get right. The sheer variety of of ties ranging in colour, pattern and size leaves a lot of room for variety but also plenty of chances to get it wrong.

So to help with getting the choices right we’ve put together a 3 step guide to simplify the whole process.

Step 1.     Choosing your suit and shirt.

Step 2.     Choosing the right sized tie

Step 3.     Complimenting colours and patterns.


Choosing your suit and shirt



So the natural inclination is to start by choosing your tie first, but that would be wrong. Start first with your suit and shirt combination. While the tie is a focal point , it only looks as good as the pieces that complement it.

Don’t overcomplicate your colours. Every man has his favourite combinations but there are a few tried and tested winners. A dark suit with a light shirt is a great starting point while pinstripe suits with a plain shirt is a classic power suit look.

Whatever your choices, just remember to keep things simple by contrasting light and dark colours and varying out the patterns in your wardrobe.


Choosing the right sized tie



Before jumping into colours you first have to choose the right tie size. Different body shapes work best with different tie widths so getting this right is crucial.

Larger framed men should choose ties with a broad width. The wider tie face compliments a bigger physique and can provide a more flattering look.

The same rule reverses for smaller framed men who should choose a thinner tie that creates that slim tailored cut look. Men of an average size have the flexibility to hover between wider and slimmer ties. A general rule is to go with  a tie that measures between 7.5-9.5cm at its broadest width.


Complimenting Colours and Patterns

 notched lapel


Finally comes the part where most men struggle, choosing colours. Picking the right tie colour can seem confusing and subjective  but there are a rules you can follow.

Contrast plain shirts with a strong tie colour. A big reason why white shirts are popular is because it allows strong ties like pink & purple to stand out. Don’t be scared to wear strong coloured ties as long as you remember to place it on a light coloured shirt.

Avoid pattern overkill. If your tie has strong patterns then your shirt needs to be simple and vice versa. It sounds obvious but too many men ignore this rule and create outfits that are busy, loud and just untidy.

If you have a patterned tie don’t limit yourself to plain shirts, you can still wear shirts that have subtle patterns like small squares, herringbone weaves or light stripes.


lapel width picture


Finally you can compliment colours between your shirt and tie. If you do have brighter shirts like red and purple you can still wear a great tie combination by complimenting colours. For example a solid blue shirt can be paired with a pink tie featuring blue dots. Purple shirts also work well with striped ties that have shades of pink or lilac.

So there you have it. A simple 3 step guide to getting the tie selection right and looking seriously sharp.

Have a favourite Suit and Tie combination? Any additional tips you would like to add? Share it with us below!


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