Why Black Suits Are Sexiest of All?

Black is the colour of absorption, it is a prestigious colour to wear, it looks classic, actually black is the absenteeism of any colour, so it’s more like an elegant lack of any colour, just a colour absorbing agent. It indicates power, happiness, and sorrow at the same time, evil and God are related to it. It brings a virtual power to one wearing black.

For starters, it is one of the three most-recommended suits to buy if you are just starting to wear custom-tailored suits along with navy blue and charcoal. Mostly worn on weddings and deaths, all-black has never been a suitable choice for formal meetings or studio conditions.

What’s in All-Black

Well, as its name indicates, all black has nothing to offer but black, a black tie, coat or waistcoat, shoes, and pants, all must be black along with the shades. It is simple and fits most situations if you have the right face and hair colour combination. The shirt must be in contrast with the suit, obviously as black absorbs light if white added, can make a perfect blend of contrasting colours in low light as well as sunny conditions.

Why are Black Suits Sexiest of All?

Well, it is a formal colour, an evening suit as per common perception. The trick here is who can wear it and who cannot.  All black suits look best on men with dark hair, medium to dark contrast work for English and American men having light to dark skin tone.

Wearing an all-black makes smart and fit to the situation if you are a bit bulky in size, black will cover it, you are going to look picture perfect in that dress. It tightens up the body, for skinny dudes, All-black looks no less than damn attractive and sexy, look at Hollywood, all they wear at red carpets are black.

Imagine every guy or most of men wearing black on weddings, that’s because the color is meant to look sexy, it attracts women, it looks good in pictures, under low light conditions, and it is no flattering, as simple as that, the black suit with black shoes, hair, and sunglasses is the simple and sexiest thing for men, and first choice if you are looking to build a wardrobe. For an added class, always wear a black belt with an all-black suit, it will complete the look you need for yourself, a contrasting napkin and a wristwatch will add some flavors to it, and you are 10x of more attractive than expected.

Black is considered the sexiest because of its presence in Hollywood, and executive class, most heads of states wear it, actors always have black in their wardrobe, that means it’s not just another designer trick, it’s an everlasting trend that is prized everywhere in the world.

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