How to Find the right tailor for your Next Custom Tailored Suit?

The job is quite difficult even to find a tailor, getting the right tailor for your suit is even harder or the most difficult task for us lazy beings. It is common to have a few misfits in every suit as it’s made in bulk and does not every person in your city. Suits are made for men above 5’7” height in general, so most of the men do not fit that length and width. If you are looking to build up your wardrobe, consider it is altering at some point. If you already have a decent wardrobe with some expensive suits that do not fit perfectly, you are definitely in need of an excellent tailor that can alter all your decent suits for good. If you are going to compromise on the baggy shirts and pants, with a poorly shaped blazer over it, you are ruining your dollars for nothing if it can be altered correctly, that too in your town.

It is a tiresome process to locate the best tailor, or we can say a right tailor for your suit. It’s on your luck; your dream tailor could be around within few meters or a few miles away, that too after spending days in his search. So let’s start your search.

Ask the Internet

It is the easiest step of all in finding the right tailor to alter your suit. Go to google, search for all the tailors in your town, note down the number of all tailors that are reachable. Make a list of all the available tailors, if they have a website, go to their customer reviews section, see if they have previously altered dress pants and what are the customer reviews. Also, search yelp for honest reviews, shortlist the right ones and cut down the names with bad reviews.

Visit them

Now, the next task is to personally visit all the shortlisted tailors, ask them if they can do the job. If they say yes, clear your mind asking them about any ambiguities you have about the tailored suits. Some will say yes; other will refuse to do the job. Shortlist those with YES, now pick any one of the shortlisted tailors and deliver them your least expensive suit item from the wardrobe.

Don’t Take any Risk

Go for the least expensive suit for tailoring, preferably a pant, ask them to alter with original hem to remain intact. Now, see results, if it’s well and good, try adjusting your shirt the next time. If your tailor is good with altering your shirts, especially the sleeves, you have found your right custom suit tailor. If he didn’t, repeat the previous step.

Recommend to Others

Well, if you have finally found the right tailor, recommend it to your friends, colleagues, and to whom it may concern. Do them a favor of avoiding all the fatigue you’ve suffered in finding the right guy. Don’t ruin your suits for laziness, altering a single object can cost only $10-30 at max.

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