10 Evergreen Suit Options for Men

Picking up the suit type and colour that fits to all the events and seasons is a tricky choice for men. There needs to be an expert opinion before buying an all-expensive custom tailored suit, here you will find the most appropriate expert advice on what to buy and what not to. We have compiled a list of 10 evergreen suit options for Men that can help anyone choose from the best 10 and go for the suit that suits best among them.

Light Grey Suit

Light grey suits look sexier on men, with a grey blazer and pant combo and a textured tie colour and a light coloured shirt, it will look as it’s made for you. You can wear any dark shoe range on light grey dress pant.

Navy Blue Dress Pant

If you are going for a more decent look amalgamated with class and elegance, navy blue chains everything as a universal light colour to wear at any place. There are multiple options for tie and shoes along with navy blue dress pants; all looks good along with it.

Charcoal Range

Charcoal suits are nevertheless classic in looks; they are worn by most of the celebrities on red carpets and special occasions, it is a star studded suit range. You can wear a jacket along with blazer, a light coloured tie with an off-white collared shirt. Charcoal or black shoes look awesome with the dress.

Nep Textured suit

Woolen nep textured suits are in the market for so long; they look fabulous in winters and spring season, these suits can be worn with dark coloured tie and shirts of somewhat darkish complexion. Jackets and dark shoes look good on those warm coats and pants.

Stylish Blue Coloured Suit

It’s more like an all blue colour range within the custom tailored men’s suits. It has blue blazer and pants with options to keep any colours, lighter coloured preferred for shirts, and blue or black shoes. The tie wearing options can be modified, printed ties look more beautiful than any plain coloured tie.

Tan Suit

Tan suits are trending worldwide as neutral options for formal meetings. These suits look adorable with the same coloured tie and lighter shirt preferences. It comprises tan coats and trousers with brown or reddish ties.

Red Nep Suit

A new style, red nep suits are one of the recommended evergreen custom tailored men’s suits. The rust waistcoat with trousers of same dye and black shoes will discover the most handsome out of you as you walk through the office door.

All Black Suit

Evergreen for parties, all black includes waistcoats, blazers, boots, ties, and shirts of the colour black. They look sexier on fit bodies rather than the bulky wearer. Sometimes, grey jackets are preferred over black.

Burgundy Dress Pant

It is classic and recommended colour; people call it a heart stealer suit colour. There are waistcoats, blazers, boots, and tie options of the same colour with a white cotton collar shirt.

Black Tuxedo Suit

Most contrast outfit of all, the blue tuxedo is an evergreen choice to wear at parties and formal meetings. It has a choice of black waistcoat or a blazer with a white cotton dress shirt, and black dot bow tie along with black loafers.

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