10 Celebrities who Look Hell Dashing in Suits

The world of TV, film, music and sports has several names that are recognized for their extraordinary dressing style and the taste of fashion. Although they are praised for whatever they wear but here they are being ranked for their glamorous style and appearance in the suits.

  1. Ed Westwick is praised for having an individual style. He prefers wearing suits with the broad collars. As he accessorizes it with the gelled hair and the ballsy ascots he looks very attractive.
  2. Justin Bieber Biebs is a heartthrob. Although he is mostly seen performing in the motorcycle jackets. This is just one side of his personality. When he wears a suit with a bow or a tie he is praised on all red carpets for an impressive look.
  3. Andrew Garfield is another young name praised for the high class style. He is often seen wearing black, gray and blue suit. He has the power to conquer the hearts with his style and personality.
  4. Donald Glover is a young but creative soul with an individual style. Whatever he wears becomes a fashion symbol for the world all over. He is the representative of the cardigan street team but he looks equally great in a black suit worn with the white shirt and a tie.
  5. Nick Jonas of the famous The Jonas Brothers appears like a typical movie star. His young followers admire him for his casual dressing including the leather jackets and the slinky tees. The fashion critics cannot ignore him in the suiting as well.
  6. Armie Hammer is a renowned American actor whose role in The Social Network, and in Mirror Mirror, gave him a huge fan club. His presence on the red carpet fills the entire location with life. The way he carries his wardrobe with a bow tie is worth praising. His charismatic smile further improves his looks.
  7. Joe Jonas: If you want to praise the confidence of wearing the gutsiest suits in purple stripes, white and the plaid then you can find them in the collection of the young celebrity Joe Jonas. He was the one who intruded the jean-jacket-under-a-blazer thing and now he has given the formal appearance in suits a newer look.
  8. Jack Huston: Jack has a great taste for the midnight three piece suits. He is usually seen wearing the suits with a black tie.
  9. Daniel Radcliffe is recognized as the fashion father. The early reel life has very little to offer but today his name is associated with the skinny seersucker suit, a Simon Spurr three piece and the black-on-black varsity jacket. He has the style and the personality to inspire the viewers and the critics.
  10. Darren Criss. If you really want to know that what should a suit be like and how to wear the suits, it is better to have a look on the fashion champion Darren Criss? Whatever he wears he wears with confidence. He comes with an inspiring look when he wears the Glee’s favorite Warbler, and Blaine. He usually loves to wear the bow ties, and the trim suits with the saddle shoes.

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